For plant-based and cell-tech startups only

Any plant-based and cell-tech startup can add their investment round to Vevolution for our investor members to see. Vevolution only provides the technology to match startups and investors. We are not partaking in any investment advice. Only our verified investor members will be able to see your investment round and pitch deck.

How to add your round

Read and follow the steps on this page to add your round:

What happens after adding your round to Vevolution?

Our investors can now access your investment round and pitch deck. They may ask questions about your round anonymously. You will be notified when this is the case.

Interested investors

  • Once interested, an investor can add your round to their interested list. You will be notified when this happens. Please note that interested investors may still be anonymous at this point.
  • Thereafter, interested investors may reach out or request to enter due-diligence with you. At this point their identity will be revealed. You can accept or deny these requests. When accepting, the investor will get access to the Due-Diligence group chat and to all data room documents of your round.

Please note that it may take extended periods for investors to reach out or respond for multiple reasons. Investors may wait for other investors to join, for more information, or they may change their mind. Not to worry, we are adding new investors each week! We can't guarantee investors will reach out to you, but we can guarantee that many investors will see your round and pitch deck.

Investor feedback

  • Investors may pass on your round. You will be notified about this. Investors who pass will remain anonymous.
  • Passing investors may leave feedback about your round and pitch deck. This can be a pre-selected reason like “Doesn’t fit portfolio” or “Not investing in this space”. It can also be a personalised message. In both cases you will be notified about this. Please note that you need an active business membership to view investor statistics and feedback. Read more below:

Investor insights

  • Vevolution business memberscan access investor insights about their round. This includes:
    • The number of investors who looked at your round
    • The number of investors who marked your round as interested
    • The average rating of your pitch deck according to our investors (if any)
    • The pass reason of investors who passed on your round (if any)
    • Personal feedback of investors who passed on your round (if any)

Round updates

Vevolution business members have the ability to send updates about their startup milestones and round progression. This is a great tool to further promote your round and attract the attention of our investor members.

Data Room (Documents)

Make sure to upload all necessary documents to your data room. At least include your financials, cap table and extended pitch deck. Only investors you allow will get access to these documents.

Other premium features

Besides accessing investor insights and sending out round updates to our investors, Vevolution business members can also add a pitch video, use the "closing soon" feature for extra exposure and access services of our partners.