This only applies to team members of investment funds with an active Vevolution Investor Membership.

Funds can add multiple users to their accounts. They all have access to the dealflow of your organisation. All you have to do is give them "admin" rights.

First, your colleague has to create an account.

After that, they have to add their account to your fund:

1. Login

2. Go to “My Organisations

3. Click “Join or create organisation” and follow the steps.

When this is done, you can, as an administrator, make him/her an administrator too. 

Your colleague will then have full rights to go through the decks. 

1. Login

2. Go to “My Organisations

3. Click “Manage” under your organisation

4. Click “Team members”

5. Click “Edit” on the user you want to make admin

6. Change the “Organisation status” field to “Admin"

Let us know if this works for you and as always, any feedback is welcome!